ene Wheeler Farms has been growing onions in the  Antelope Valley for over 30 years. Our dedication and  expertise has allowed us to consistently produce a quality  crop year after year. The Antelope Valley is well-known for its  ability to cultivate fresh, long storage onions that appease both  domestic and export markets around the world. As a full-service  onion supplier, all packages and pack sizes are available. We do  our own shipping, both domestic and internationally and with over  1200 acres, no order is too big or too small. Gene Wheeler Farms  is constantly exploring new technologies to provide the most  updated trends in the onion industry to its customer. We are proud  of the supreme reputation we have developed. As a long-standing  grower, packer and shipper of quality onions, we will continue to  justify and enhance our reputation in the years to come.  Gene  Wheeler  Farms  takes  pride in  growing and packing all  colors and sizes of fresh onions of the highest  quality. We have years of experience in exporting onions worldwide. Along with quality and service, supermarkets look for speed and accuracy when products head to the checkout line. Gene Wheeler Farms is equipped with the latest machinery to both sticker and tag their onions with PLU stickers or UPC codes. Just another way Gene Wheeler Farms services its customers’ needs. Gene Wheeler Farms is a Member of: